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You play as a Garbage Collecting Unit (G.C.U) gathering scrap for a reckless city.

A GCU (also known as Garbageboi) priority is collecting garbage but also not making the town filthier. GCU's are filthy robots, not only beacuse they collect scrap but also because humans hate them. That's why they are designed to not be noticed!

StatusIn development
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This game was incredibly fun! You should add different levels you can buy with garbage!

Great game with a great concept! Thanks for making it!

I love this game! (But man I suck at it. XD)

Hi! A 32bit build, please? :P

It's adorable and I love it!

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Who ever made this game, i love it! Great concept, light hearted and fun. I love the music as well. I also particularly appreciate the running animation for garbageboi. I have a few ideas for a possible update. Shields for one time of hitting a human or car and surviving. Golden garbage worth five points.  Actual humans instead of the black things. Trying to expand the map. Adding the ability to control the camera angle to see behind the buildings more easily. And of course you cant go wrong with skins.

Thank you :)

Thanks for playing!!

Literally my pleasure. :)

Do you plan to update?

"Its my character."

"Im the trash man."

"I come out, I throw trash all over the- all over the ring, and then I start eating garbage, and then i pick up the trash can and I bash the guy on the head."

This was a really fun game. We tried to get all the way to 50, but failed just a few pieces short. We really like the concept and wish there was a little bit more to the game. The music is also catchy, though blew us through the roof for a moment because of the volume. Very nice, overall. Here's a video that we made of it:

Hey, recorded a quick video of your game if you'd like to check it out!


Can we get the exact name of the song and how to get to listen to it?

Information currently provided in the readme is not conclusive

Song was made by a friend of mine for the game :)


In that case will you be posting the soundtrack of the game on it's page?

Time to clean up after these filthy humans!

Thanks for keeping the city clean!!

This is super cool! And Garbageboi is a badass!

Poor boi only trying boi's best


As soon as I get back from AMAZE I will look into it :)